Car Certification

Vehicle certification in accordance with the requirements and standards of current legislation is a mandatory procedure for any vehicle that uses public roads in Ukraine. Until recently, this procedure was carried out by strictly defined bodies and institutions, but according to the new law, it is now also available from private companies.

Fill out the form on the website or call the contact number and receive confirmation from the operator
step 1

Car inspection

Deliver the car at the appointed time to the laboratory and provide documents for the car and pay for the service
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Get a certificate

Receive a certificate in a convenient way for you: by New mail, at the main office or laboratory
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Required documents
  • main or temporary certificate of registration in a previous country (registration certificate)
  • documents confirming ownership of the vehicle (invoice, purchase order, invoice, letter of gift, etc.)
  • customs documents
  • personal documents of the owner for individuals: passport of a citizen of Ukraine or residence permit and a copy of the identification number; for legal entities: extract from the USR.
  • orders (if a third party represents the owner)
  • certificates and test reports of the vehicle of the EU countries on the CCC (if any).
For car certification you need
  • the presence of front parking lights (white)
  • it is allowed to have side turn signal repeaters (yellow color) installed in the side mirrors, or the front fenders of the car (yellow color)
  • the presence of rear direction indicators of the car (yellow color)
  • fog lights (red) must be synchronized with the indicator installed on the instrument panel
  • the displayed speed measurement unit on the speedometer can only be km / h. Additional definition in miles is allowed
  • minimum light transmission: windshield 75%, front side windows 70%
  • the installed lighting equipment must be in good working order, not contain cracks, and any coatings that reduce the luminous flux or its distribution
  • the car must be clean and free from technical faults
  • Environmental emission standards for passenger cars – not less than Euro 2. Other wheeled vehicles – not less than Euro 5
  1. The car owner or his representative (with documentary evidence) submits a set of documents for the vehicle and a completed application for car certification
  2. Documents are checked by a specialist of certification bodies
  3. Passing the necessary tests of the car in a special laboratory
  4. If the tests were successful, and the correctness of the submitted documents did not raise doubts, an individual approval certificate is issued (Certificate of Conformity for the car)

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