LPG certification

After installing LPG equipment on the car, you need to enter the conversion of the fuel type in the data sheet, for this you need to come to the service center with a certificate of conformity for the installed LPG equipment, which you can get in one of our testing laboratories

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step 1

Car inspection

Deliver the car at the appointed time to the laboratory and provide documents for the car and pay for the service
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Get a certificate

Receive a certificate in a convenient way for you: by New mail, at the main office or laboratory
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Required documents

For car owners:

  • Passport and code of the owner of the car
  • Vehicle registration certificate (Ukrainian)
  • Certificate of design approval and auto acceptance certificate (issued by HBO installers)

If the car was purchased under a sales contract:

  • Passport and code of the owner of the car
  • Ukrainian vehicle registration certificate
  • Certificate of design approval and auto acceptance certificate (issued by LPG installers)
  • Auto sales contract
  • Commission agreement
  • Vehicle technical condition report
Requirements for certification
  • A prerequisite is to check the marking on the equipment. Regulatory and technical documentation must fully comply with it.
    In the LPG information, the name of the manufacturer, the operational period, where it was released, etc. should be indicated.
  • The presence of valves that prevent gas from entering the car is also a mandatory requirement. Special attention is paid to this, since due to the reduction in the cost of equipment, many service stations modify HBO, and install it without valves, where the cylinders have expired. This, in turn, poses a great danger to human health and life.
  • All tests are carried out on specialized equipment – it is checked for gas leaks. And also experts check the conformity of the normative and technical documentation to the installed LPG equipment.
HBO certification process
  1. The owner of the vehicle (or an authorized representative) submits an Application for certification work along with a set of relevant documentation for the vehicle
  2. The provided documentation is analyzed by the specialists of the Certification Body
  3. The vehicle passes the necessary tests in the Testing Laboratory
  4. Based on the positive results of document analysis and positive test results, the certification body issues an individual approval certificate (Certificate of Conformity)

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